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W6YZ sneakers are a cult accessory of contemporary outfits.

Colour combinations and unusual mixes of colour contaminate style, creating a new way of wearing sport-chic. Comfort, lightness and versatility make these shoes a real must-have for him and for her, easy-to-wear in any scenario.

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The aesthetic code focuses on clothing whose design is minimal, but unique and easily recognizable, where sneakers are unisex, passing from his outfit to hers with total nonchalance. A journey into the outdoor world through clean-cut decisive forms enhanced by the thousand potentials of colour.

The colour palette is the cornerstone of each new collection: a mix of different worlds and new languages in dress styles, of men and women. Elegance and sport-chic appeal simplify lines and colour contrasts: the end effect is never too bold, but makes an mpact, for a unique style, over and above each category.

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Enter the world of W6YZ and discover the news! The trend vision of every season is renewed and charged with a strong youth appeal,through a universe of colors and underground atmospheres.